Campos de Ahumada – V-Region Chile

Campos de Ahumada – V-Region Chile

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Campos de Ahumada – V-Region Chile

Photo captured during Autumn 2015 after some rainfall at the foot of the Andes Mountains near ‘Campos de Ahumada’, V-region of Chile. This rough landscape came perfectly to life with the clouds all over it, disguising the snowy peaks of the Andes mountains.

A landscape with little human touch as far the eye can see and only some little houses very far away.

One image however was not enough to capture the greatness and feeling of the scenery so 4 images were captured and blended to one panorama to emphasize a bit more the great nature of Chile. Imagine having this scenery as your backyard…

Although the color-version is already quite impressive, to me the conversion to Black and White really finished the image.

Image(s) made handheld while standing on top of a 4×4 SUV

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