Papaveraceae – Parque Nacional “La Campana” V-Region, Chile

Papaveraceae – Parque Nacional “La Campana” V-Region, Chile

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Papaveraceae – La Campana – V-Region Chile

One day at Nacional Park “La Campana” in the Valparaiso Region of Chile, I encountered this beautiful purple colored ‘Poppy’ standing proud in the sun between the grass. As I had never came across this color of this species I found it very intriguing so decided to switch lenses in order to try to capture it in a way it would really do good to this flower.

Without a tripod at hand the ISO got to ISO800 in order to be able to choose a somewhat higher shutter speed and eliminate movement of the wind as much as possible. The flower was quite impressive standing high and proud on its stem.

Personally I like the contrast it makes with the green background and the stem of the flower almost disappearing into the green blur background.

The flower was not taken out of the ground and put onto any kind of clamp of a tripod. You can’t change nature and make it better; it’s already perfect as it is.

Handheld without fill-light of any flash or reflector, just natural light, a camera and a lens.

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